Come Find Your Place!

F.I.R.E. Wall

Ministry of Helps

Fervent Intercessors Raising the EL ELYON (The God Most High) WALL


To invoke and activate God’s SUPERNATURAL JUSTICE of ALL KCI leaders, members & affiliates through the use of Prayer, God’s Weapons (His Word), and His angels, always achieving victory in warfare as we look not at the things which are seen but the things which are unseen for the things which are seen are temporal and the things which are unseen are eternal.   Ps 97:1-6NET, Luke 18:1-8NET 2 Cor 4:18


Use prayer and the FIRE OF GOD to establish a “FIRE WALL” covering the 1st Family at ALL Times. Declaring only the WORD OF GOD over their lives, the life of the ministry and the lives of ALL the individuals/members connected to the ministry, businesses, E-Church and partnerships be it personal or professional to the ministry or it’s members including ALL KCI future members, connections, and partnerships  for the purpose of setting in order, God’s ordained & ordered release over the 1st family, the ministry, and ALL persons, places and things which are preordained from before time by YHWH (“I AM” The One Who Is The Self-Existent One), ADONAI (The Lord My Great Lord), ELOHIM (The All-Powerful One Creator), and  EL ROI (The God Who Sees Us) to be a Kingdom blessing to the ministry and surrounding cities, Ultimately preparing KCI and ALL its affiliates for UNCOMMON & ACCELERATED growth, increase, divine connections, ministry new births for the sake of the KINGDOM by saturating in prayer the ENTIRE ministry, members, their families and ministry partners.


1 Timothy 2:1 First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgiving be made on behalf of ALL men, for kings and ALL who are in authority so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in ALL godliness and dignity.


My Passion: Along with my relationship with my Heavenly Father, my passion, is family and prayer. Family is irreplaceable and I thank God for my husband Aaron, Children, Grandchildren and Mother. They are a great part of what God uses to keep it all real for me. Prayer pulls down and builds up. No matter the situation, storm, victory, day, time, or hour, in sickness or health, in poverty or prosperity, prayer is the key to ALL deliverance, and it changes EVERYTHING. DELIVERANCE IS THE CHILDREN’S BREAD, which means it is for God’s own sons and daughters; purchased by the Blood of Jesus. This makes it for you and for me. (Matt. 15:21-28; Mark 7:24-30NIV). As long as I have my relationship with my Heavenly Father, family and prayer on my side, the impossible will continue to be made possible. Hallelujah!

Strong Conviction: To Everything There is a Season: a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace. Eccl 3: 7-8

Favorite Scripture: The LORD replied, “Listen, I am making a covenant with you in the presence of all your people. I will perform miracles that have never been performed anywhere in all the earth or in any nation. And all the people around you will see the power of the LORD—the awesome power I will display for you. Exodus 34:10 NLT

Best Advice: The greatest lesson I have ever learned is that I still have a lot to learn. My best advice to you is to stay humble, remain teachable, look at correction as a defibrillator that will allow God to shock your heart back into proper alignment of action, remain in the Light of Jesus and no matter what, do your very best to “Walk in Love.”

Now, I call you Blessed, your family Blessed and your destiny Blessed In Jesus Name!!